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How to choose a diamond: the size
The size of a diamond relates to its proportions and not to the shape given to it. The quality of the cut will depend on the diamond's ability to reflect light. Diamonds are usually composed of 58 facets, arranged in a mathematically determined relationship, so as to maximize the amount of light that will be reflected. So, the cut of a diamond is expressed in percentages, which represent the measurement of the table and the depth. Relative to the diameter of the belt, which is 100%.
  • Examples: The belt of a diamond measures 10 millimeters (100%). The table measures 5,6 millimeters. The depth measurement is 6,1 millimeters. The proportions of the diamond will be described as follows: table of 56% and depth of 61%.
Depending on the case, the size may indeed be "good" (well cut), too deep (deep cut) or on the contrary insufficient (shallow cut). In the case of an appropriate cut, the light is reflected from one facet to the other, then scattered from the top of the stone. If it is too deep, the light is refracted towards the opposite pavilion. In the third case, the lack of depth literally lets the light escape through the end of the pavilion without being reflected. Within the “well cut” category, Diamant-anvers.com distinguishes three size ranges:
  • "Ideal", which benefits from the highest technicality and combines the best quality of shine and sparkle
  • "Excellent" This range is also of great beauty, although the proportions of the stones are less perfect. Many experts prefer the look of this range to the first
  • "Very good" This category includes stones with an excellent quality / price ratio.
How to recognize the quality of the size?